Sunday, January 8, 2012

Okra Slime

For how little I know about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness...I know even less about cooking.  My signature dishes include:

  • Pouring soup from a can and heating it up
  • Steaming vegetables in my Oster double-decker steamer
  • Any form of pasta in a box with any form of tomato sauce in jar
  • Sandwiches
  • A bowl of cereal
Lately I've been working on smoothies, since I have finally removed the Magic Bullet that I bought 3 months ago from the box.  I am a smoothie trainwreck.  I combine all kinds of fruit together with milk or water and almost always something overpowers the other little fruits or I find that the acidic levels of one is just killing the rest.  Jamba Juice will not be hiring me in my lifetime.

Tonight for dinner I made chicken breast (put them in a pan, added water, covered it and let it rip for 10 minutes) and okra.  I bought frozen okra from Peapod, which is a mini-tangent in and of itself.  I went through the whole online setup process, purchased and had my groceries delivered. I'm still in a bit of disbelief. I love grocery shopping.  As a food marketer, time in the store is often research and discovery.  I can spend an hour wandering around a store easily.  However, grocery shopping in the city is a bit of a challenge.  The bodegas carry things in jars and cans I have never heard of.  "Fresh" veggies and produce are wrapped in saran wrap and look anything but.  Carrying the groceries back to my apartment is a feat of strength and balance I am not trained for.

So I tried Peapod.  Inevitably, the items I was most excited about turned out to be out-of-stock when the groceries arrived.  However, the toilet paper made it unscathed so I can't be a total complainer.  

Anyway, I steamed the frozen okra because that's pretty much all I know how to do and imagine my surprise and horror when I retrieved it from the streamer and it came with long, icky trails of slime.  


Like clear snot.  

See it hanging off the spoon?  

I had to take this one to the Google.  The Google told me "okra slime" is actually normal.  I had no idea.  Wow.  Okra 1, IronMin 0.  Well played okra.  Well played.  

I ate it and enjoyed it anyway.  My cooking is so functional and basic, I chalk this one up as learning fun new things that apparently everyone else already knew.  Now when okra comes up in conversation, as it often does, I will have an interesting anecdote to throw on the fire.

Okra Slime.  Sounds like an awesome screenplay...


Steve said...

LO freaking L. I have done so much research the last few years, just for how often okra comes up in conversation. I rock those convo's due to all my research. :)

u funny. :)


Nannette Turner said...

I love a smoothie. I usually have at least one a day. I like fried okra. I love to cook!

Carolina John said...

The slime is the reason you see okra used so much in stews, soups, and gumbo. it's a thickening agent similar to corn starch. I can imagine how it would ruin steamed okra, that sounds kind of nasty. breaded and fried is the way to go for standalone okra. also pickled whole okras are quite tasty, as the pickling brine dilutes the slime.

Christi said...

The slime off okra is the big reason I don't like it!